All You Need To Know About The Varying Fiber Optic Tools

Modern technological advancements have opened the way for more communication convenience for us. People nowadays can send messages within the blink of an eye and search out any kind of information with just a single mouse click. All these are possible because of the use fiber optics that makes information transmission a lot faster. Fiber optics comprises delicate fibers like glass or silica which are somewhat thicker than one human hair strand. Due to their delicate nature, using tools that are essentially made for them therefore becomes vital. Here are some of the tools you could consider.

Fiber stripper

A fiber stripper is your perfect tool choice whenever you need to strip any loose tube. This is because it strips the tube but never nicks the fiber that’s inside it. Having said that, the stripper isn’t meant for buffers that, feature tight surfaces. This is due to the thickness of its blades.

Sheath cutter

For any journeyman who desires to cut any area or point of any cable, this is one among the best tools to use. It features an adjustable depth control. This control decreases the possibility of cutting inside the cable. An Allen key that’s meant for removing the retention cap of the cutter socket is always included with the tool.

Kevlar scissors

These are scissors that are made to cut through Kevlar strength members that are contained inside fiber optic cables. It is a powerful tool that’s created from vanadium steel and molybdenum. This is why Kevlar scissors for professionals always come strong, durable, and with a truly extended service life span.

Fiber cleaver

Using a fiber cleaver becomes necessary whenever you need to create an end face that you want to be flat and perfect. It is a tool that is frequently utilized in fiber splice operations to make sure that the fiber is successfully spliced but with the most minimal losses. Latest models of this valuable tool are truly lightweight and quite portable. This makes them very excellent for all kinds of FTTX operations.

Round cable slitter

The round cable slitter is a valuable tool that is quite ideal for spiral and circular cuts. The slitter is a tool that can be used to effectively slit and strip cables of between 18mm and 1inch diameter in length. It features a cutting depth that is adjustable. And this is a feature that enables it to strip cables that are up to 0.18inch or 4.5mm in thickness.

Crimp tool

A crimp tool is a valuable tool that is quite useful when it comes to terminating optical connectors. It can crimp connectors of varying diameters by altering the hex crimps. The die could be 0.42, 0.68, 0.78, and 0.128 inch hex crimps. Correcting the placed connector is also quite easy. All you need do is release the built-in safety.

These are just some of several tools you might require when cutting fiber optic cables. There are some available tool kits that feature some of these tools like Kevlar scissors together with cleaning tools, which are also essential in helping you to maintain your cables in the best tip-top shape possible.

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