Tips For The Best Etiquette When Attending A Classical Music Concert

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People that are new to classical music are apprehensive concerning going to concerts most times. They need to relax as it is not as overwhelming as they think. Whether it’s the first time you are attending a classical music concert in Orange County or you are a seasoned attendee, the following tips will certainly serve as an amazing starting point to make your Orange County classical music concert attendance an exhilarating experience. To get the highest excitement possible, you must be comfortable in;


Concerts have no set dress code. Some attendees love dressing more formally by wearing dresses or suits, while others prefer the comfort of t-shirts and jeans. Wear whatever represents your personality best and makes you feel most comfortable – just be neat and tidy.


It’s often tricky to understand when it’s appropriate to applaud. Whenever the concert conductor turns around and drops his hands, it normally indicates the end of the piece being performed. You should get a cue from people around you if you aren’t sure.

Being prompt:

For most classical music concerts, the organizers will always recommend that attendees and even those that are members of a fans or supporters club depending on the band, be seated about thirty minutes before the concert starts. Organizers or their staff are always on hand to take tickets before that time. That is so ushers quickly show you to your seat before the start of the event. Remember that when attending classical music concerts in Orange County, you run the risk of being disallowed into the concert if you arrive late to the hall.

These are the tips that concern what you should do or not do in respect of being comfortable at the concert you are attending. But remember that other people are also attending hence the need to be courteous. The following tips will ensure that you are as courteous as required at any classical music concert you are attending.

Electronic devices:

Watch alarms, cameras, cell phones, pagers and several other electronic devices must be turned off before performances in any classical music concert hall begin. All of the mentioned devices can cause considerable disturbance and they can also be a considerable distraction for the artists that are performing as well as other patrons.


Even whispers you make or feel to be the quietest can be clearly heard in a classical music concert hall. They can end up being a major distraction to performing artists and patrons alike. You should ensure that you save any comments you might have (even if it concerns the performance you are currently watching) until when there is an intermission or after the concert has ended. In addition to saving performers and other patrons the potential distraction, the move is also an exciting way of giving you and your friends much more topics to discuss after the concert.

If you are inexperienced when it comes to attending concerts, know that they are a social activity that’s meant to be engaging and exciting. So, planning your evening with the right etiquettes enables you to get the best possible experience. Most bands that hold classical music concerts in Orange County feature ‘plan your visit’ tools on their websites to enable you plan the most exciting evenings.

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