Amazing Steps For Efficiently And Effectively Staging Your Living Room

Sitting room, lounge, living room or TV room: whatever you might call yours, this is the very room a home buyer often sees first on entering your home on the open house day. Giving that is takes just about twenty seconds for potential buyers to form a good or bad impression  it’s a crucial space to focus your staging efforts for styling property on. It should be bright, warm, light and very inviting. Buyers expect to have a room they can read a book, watch TV or entertain friends in, but above all these, they certainly need a room in which they can visualise themselves relaxing in. Watch for what jumps at you like children’s toys, newspaper piles, cobwebs or dust when you stand at the doorway. Here are things you should notice.

Size matters:

Make your home as spacious as it can get. Never overcrowd it with furniture and be sure to eradicate needless items. Consider ‘the flow’; avoid using the back of sofas to block doorways, and get the best appearance by trying various furniture layouts.

The sniff test:

Smoke, damp, pets and food; the price of your home is devalued by thousands by unpleasant odours. Clean time and again. Open windows one hour prior to viewings. Utilise pot-pourri, scented candles or even ‘Febreze’ but avoid plug-in air fresheners.

Clutter certainly kills:

All experts in styling property agree that you should store all of your children’s and other toys in (stylish) storage baskets or boxes. Eliminate magazines, DVDs and trinket collections from sight. You should leave noticeable space on mantelpieces and bookshelves. This enables potential buyers to visualise their own belongings sitting there.

Dump your ego:

You should remove extra-large family portraits irrespective of how artfully they have been painted or shot. You should then replace such portraits with basic agreeable artworks. You should choose your options in subtle colours from the theme or colour scheme you have already initiated for the room.

Update styling with paint:

Bold colours in and around your home are very fine for your preferences and living but they can be a major put off when it comes to selling. You should stick with a paint palette that is neutral and then add cushions, flowers and vases in accent colours to complete your style update.

Underneath the feet:

Take a good, hard look at the floor of your home. Have the floors cleaned professionally if they are dirty. Should you be faced with a situation in which the carpets need to be replaced outright, then the basic rule that all expert home stylists follow is to keep minimal patterns and truly light colours.


This makes or breaks your living room’s impact. Up-lighting your living room can add that splash of drama to its general appearance. If there is overhead lighting, then it’s normally best to leave it switched off. You should utilise extra lighting options to create a true feeling of homeliness.

Put in all finishing touches before having the advert photographs taken. Home staging and styling really does not have to be expensive. But is certainly gives you great dividends. Styling a property is not rocket science. You can always have your own great home staging and selling experience.

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