Tips For Getting The Best Possible Results From Smoking Salvia

Several individuals find getting the most satisfactory level of results from smoking salvia divinorum quite challenging. Normally, this is brought about by improper smoking techniques, insufficient doses or low sensitivity to the salvinorin A which the magical leaf contains. Here is a list of advices to help you get the best effectiveness possible whenever you smoke salvia.

  1. Utilize a smoking device that’s water-cooled (a bong, or water pipe). This makes inhaling large smoke quantities a lot easier. The smoke can also be inhaled much more comfortably without coughing since it is cooled.
  2. Ensure that the pipe’s screen and stem aren’t clogged with the residue from your previous use. It’s also vital that your pipe draws well. Check it prior to using it to ensure that you can easily draw air through it when you inhale.
  3. Try inhaling a full dose in 3 large inhalations. Each inhalation should be slow and deep, then, held for 20 to 30 seconds before being exhaled. It’s vital to hold every inhalation deeply long enough in the lungs so it’s efficiently absorbed. Don’t pause in between exhaling and the next inhalation (except to get a breath of fresh air where necessary). This ensures that a whole dose is used within the required 2 to 3 minutes. When you smoke the dose too slowly, the salvinorin A is metabolized faster than it is ingested.
  4. When you buy salvia 20X online, the salvinorin A it contains needs a high temperature to vaporize. This is easily achieved if you ensure that the leaves come in direct contact with a flame through the whole time you are inhaling. Hold a flame directly above the pipe’s bowl so you also draw the flame down to the leaves as you inhale the leaves’ smoke.
  5. Use only a torch-flame lighter if possible. A lot of individuals have reported better outcomes when they use this type of lighter. The lighter produces a truly hot torch-like flame which causes fast combustion of the smoking material thereby producing much more concentrated smoke. As a result of the additional heat which is generated by these kinds of lighters, it’s very vital that you use them with a water-cooled smoking pipe or device.
  6. Utilize fortified (extract-enhanced) leaves. Most individuals prefer smoking these fortified leaves. They are concentrated to make consuming the entire dose easily possible. Some of the products are so concentrated and refined that a full dose produces hardly more than a small wisp of smoke. The products offer a health advantage too, as they decrease the quantity of smoke that needs to be ingested to attain the desire levels of their effects. One point that must be remembered however is that fortified salvia leaves, because they offer greater potency, must be used a lot more carefully. They do not need a water-cooled pipe and a torch-flame lighter has no specific advantage when smoking them.

These are the tips for getting the highest possible effect when you smoke salvia leaves. As has been pointed out, when smoking fortified varieties like salvia 40X, you should focus on using them carefully and slowly. This way, you will certainly get the highest possible benefits from your salvia smoking experience.

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