Tips On Selecting The Best Theme And Template For Your WordPress Site

Selecting a theme or template for your WordPress site can be quite confusing since there are thousands of options to select from. Initially, you may come across a theme that looks really cool, but the moment you set your eyes on another theme, you feel the latter looks even better or has better features, and that’s how the confusion circle begins.

In order to select the best theme for your WordPress site, you need to narrow your options and go with one that best compliments your site. In this article, we will share some few tips that can help you make the best selection when picking a theme for your site.

  • Responsive:

Since a lot of people today access the internet using their mobile devices, you need to look for a theme that is fully responsive on all devices. Studies have shown that sites that are mobile friendly attract more visitors, and are also displayed on the top positions of search engine results.

  • Simplicity:

A lot of WordPress themes come with certain features that may not be really needed in some cases. Simply look for a theme that is simple and works perfectly well with your goal.

  • Supports other plugins:

You may need to use other plugins on your site for optimal performance. So, you need to look for a WordPress theme that supports other plugins.

  • Compatible with major browsers:

A theme may display perfectly on one browser and display imperfectly or broken on another browser. So, make sure that your theme is compatible with all the major browsers and also look perfect on them all.

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