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Gaming has evolved very fast with time and this evolution has brought many new features in the world of gaming. In the old times people used to go to the arcade machines as, it was the only method by which one could play a game. Then time passed and came gaming consoles like, Sega Genesis, Neo Geo, etc. They revolutionized the gaming industry to a different level. In the late 2000s, handheld gaming consoles were a rage and no wonder they sold at a high rate. PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS are one of the most popular handheld consoles of this decade. However, now a days, the handheld console market is dominated by smartphones. People do not buy handheld consoles, as their mobile phones are capable of handling high quality games.

In today’s article, we will talk about the top games, which you can get for your android device:

  • Pokémon Go: If there is one game, which was anticipated the most in the year 2017, then it is Pokémon Go. It is a highly addictive game and it can make you stick to your screen for hours however, it will not make you unfit. This game uses the augmented reality (AR) technology at its best. This game became viral all over the world even when at places where it was not released. The servers of Nintendo crashed but the gamers were too eager to play it. As it is released now, you can get it and catch ‘em all!
  • Clash of Clans: Clash of Clans was launched in year 2012 and after its release that year, this game changed many lives. Even I was addicted to this game for a while and it was very difficult to get this game off my phone afterwards. It is a simple Real Time Strategy game, which you play against other players online. In this game, you can either create a clan or join a clan. Trophies measure the ranking of players and clans. The CoC is one of the most successful mobile games of all time and this game proved to be fortune for Supercell.
  • Asphalt 8: Airborne: If you love playing racing games on your console then you will definitely love the Asphalt 8. It is one of the most advanced racing games that are available for android and iOS devices. You can do several stunts during the race. You can also unlock many supercars in the game. In Asphalt 8, new cars are added on a regular basis and this makes this game even better and drool-worthy.
  • Temple Run (and Temple Run 2): This list would have been incomplete without the legendary Temple Run and Temple Run 2. Temple Run and Temple Run 2 are very similar games; however, both of them have their own unique fun to play. If you are looking for a game, which you can play while waiting for your coffee then you should just download these two games and the time will pass easily.
  • Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: You must already know about the GTA: SA if you are a gamer. It is one of the most popular paid games of android and iOS. If you want to get this game, just look for the same in Google play and use the free google play codes to buy this awesome game for free. It is an epic game as it is already one of the most popular games on the traditional platforms.

The above list should help a person in finding the best games that are available for android phones. This list will make the task of finding amazingly good games very easy for any person without any kind of problem. Not to mention that the free google play codes will also not hurt.

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